Main Early Years and Childcare Contact Details

General Enquiries and Family Information Service:

Early Years and Childcare Family Information Service: Email: early.years@essex.gov.uk

Workforce Development and Performance:

Early Years and Childcare Training and CPD team: Email: earlyyearscpd@essex.gov.uk Tel: 0333 013 9891

Quality Improvement:

Early Years Quality Improvement team: Email: EY-QualityImprovement@essex.gov.uk

Early Years and Childcare Grants:

New or existing applications: Email: inclusion.funding@essex.gov.uk 

Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE):

FEEE Contract Enquiries: Email: free.entitlementfundingqueries@essex.gov.uk 

Three and Four-Year-Olds - General Enquiries and Headcount Submissions: Email: earlyyearsdata@essex.gov.uk 

Two-Year-Olds - General Enquiries and Headcount Submissions: Email: twosfunding@essex.gov.uk         

Early Years Provider Portal (including log in/password queries) and changes to provider details: Email: earlyyearsdata@essex.gov.uk

SEN Premium for Children Claiming FEEE

Email: Pre-school.AllocationsPanel@essex.gov.uk

Area Contacts for Pre-schools, Daycare & Nurseries

Click on the links below for the relevant area team contact details. These are the contact details for the Early Years Foundation Stage Team, Business Management Consultants, Children's Community Development Team, Continuous Professional Development Team and Area SENCO teams:  

PDF North East Essex

PDF Mid Essex

PDFSouth Essex

PDF West Essex

PDF Early Communication and Talk Listen Cuddle contacts


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