Training programme

Training Programme April 2018 to March 2019 

Version 3 : December 2018 update!

Download this April 2018 to March 2019 training programme version 3: December 2018

Our training programme is planned to support the early years and childcare sector to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) and Ofsted minimum requirements. The training is available to Essex Ofsted registered early years and childcare providers, Essex family hubs (previously known as children's centres), Essex County Council maintained nursery schools, practitioners working within the EYFS in maintained schools and academies in Essex and early years and childcare practitioners from Ofsted registered provision in bordering local authorities.

It is informed by recommendations from Ofsted inspections, research, statutory requirements, legislation, national and local priorities, alongside feedback from specialist advisers, tutors and the sector through pre and post confidence scores, evaluation data and impact survey reports.

If you are looking for training for working with school-age children,
you can access training from the EES (CPD online) website

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We've made changes to our impact form and accessing certificates for face-to-face courses - read more here

Did you know Early Years and Childcare (EYCC) training is available for practitioners working within the EYFS, including schools?

Who can access our training?

Essex Ofsted registered early years and childcare settings 

Essex family hubs (formerly known as children's centres)

Essex nursery classes in maintained, private, independent and academy schools

The two Essex County Council maintained nursery schools

Essex schools and academies, school practitioners working within the EYFS in reception classes in maintained, private, independent and academy schools
Professionals within the children's workforce across Essex, and particularly those who work with children in the Early Years Foundation stage and their families


Providers outside Essex, EYCC practitioners in Ofsted registered provision in bordering local authorities (including Southend and Thurrock) and other local authorities outside Essex
Our eLearning is also available to anyone working with children and families both countywide and nationwide (except when the course is Essex specific).

Information on EYFS training requirements can be found here:  Practitioner Guide: EYFS training requirements

Information of early years and childcare qualifications that are full and relevant can be found on the Qualification page

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EES (CPD online) Help

Please note that bookings are made through the Education Essex Services (EES) CPD online website.

Guidance on how to set up an individual EES (CPD online) account and how to book onto a course is available within our training programme.

Can't find your setting on EES (CPD online)? Don't double your work!

Avoid duplicating your account by ensuring you select the correct establishment when creating an EES (CPD online) account; watch out as there are some very similar names; EES (CPD online) establishment names will be the same as your Ofsted registration. If unsure, ask your CPD leader or contact us on the number/email address below.

Childminders and students important information! In order to keep your personal details confidential please do not create your own individual account for data protection reasons, contact us and we will help you set up an account. 

  Need help? 

For EYCC eLearning and face-to-face training enquiries, please contact the Early Years and Childcare CPD Helpline 0333 013 9891, 
For EES (CPD online) user guides for users and CPD leaders, please visit the EES (CPD online) website

Specific requirements

You can let us know what your individual requirements are by logging onto EES (CPD online) and going to 'My CPD online' then 'change contact details.' You can record your individual requirements in the box 'dietary requirements and special requirements' where this will then automatically appear in the booking details for any course you book onto in the future. You can also let us know by including the details in an individual course booking. 

Recommended CPD

EYFS conferences - A practical approach to the EYFS, 13 and 30 March 2019 - see this conference flyer for full details. Timings are available here. An early bird discount is available!

Upcoming events

Find out what courses are coming up by viewing the events calendar on EES (CPD Online).

How do our courses rate?

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