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Learning and development


The Learning and Development Strategy can be viewed here.

In 2013-14 we were able to put on an extensive training programme paid for with the assistance of a workforce development grant to assist with the introduction of the “Munro reforms”.  In 2014-15 the training being offered will be more modest with a charge having to be made for some of our courses.

The Essex Safeguarding Children Board training successes in 2013-14 included the provision of a wide ranging offer of learning, as well as the popular Designated Person training course.  The success of this training will be taken forward in 2014-15 by continuing some of the courses run as part of the Munro Programme, where demand has been high, such as Child Sexual Exploitation Agency Champions and providing adequate supply of training for Designated Persons.

There have been other developments too with the Essex Safeguarding Children Board approving a Learning and Improvement Framework, as required by Working Together 2013, which seeks to set out how we will learn from our serious case reviews, case file audits and many other useful sources of data.

We are always looking for additional ways that people can access training and increasing our e-learning offer will be an important aspect of this year’s learning offer.  We are also publicising the training offered by other agencies including Essex County Council’s Social Care Academy and the Essex Safeguarding Adults Board.

One of the lessons learned from our recent Ofsted Inspection was the need to improve our assessment of training impact, so we will be asking participants and their managers to assist us before and after a learning event to evaluate the impact of that training on practice.

Finally this learning and development programme does not seek to identify all the training we will provide this year but only what has been identified so far.  The Learning and Improvement Framework will be used to identify further learning opportunities and these will be included in the programme later in the year.